Waiting on our little guy…

Hi Folks, I know it’s been a while…so I’m going to give you an update of what it’s been like so far. Pregnancy brain is real so please forgive me if my writing seems a little off par or hey, maybe that’s just me off meds 🙂 haha.

Okay, so what’s pregnancy been like for me. Well, it hasn’t been bad… The vomiting stopped at about 18-19 weeks after I took some good advice from some good people who’ve been through it before. Warning, the following is a bit grotesque… You see, I would drink lactulose syrup for plights that I’ve mentioned before that have been exacerbated in pregnancy i.e. constipation. I increased the dose from 5 ml to between 30 and 60 ml per day. The taste of this has been known to just make me have projectile vomiting episodes. I thought it was pretty funny when I drank it and would just vomit all over the kitchen floor right away though my husband didn’t think it was too funny. Anyways, what stopped this projectile vomiting is that I now mix it in my tea in the morning and juice at night so that I don’t taste the heavy syrup. It works like a charm.

Besides these plights, I have been feeling great except for a little tiredness. I guess that’s normal because your body is working overtime growing a little human. It’s been a few months since  I’ve been off the medication and I feel like I am getting back to my old self which is great. Though, I now feel like I’ve got more energy than when I was on medication, I have my limitations. For example, this weekend I did 3 loads of laundry and hung it up to dry and did other house hold chores on Saturday, I felt like I could keep going and get the baby clothes washed already on Sunday but that didn’t happen. By the time Sunday rolled around, I needed my rest and just slept extra and relaxed. Sometimes, this can be annoying for me, in my head, because I feel like I can accomplish more.

Let’s see what else is new since the last time I wrote on my blog… We went to the United States on a little road trip vacation. I got to attend my graduation ceremony in Orange Beach, Alabama and felt a real sense of accomplishment. The Key Note Speaker, Mr. John Quiñones gave such an inspirational speech about his background and where he started out as a Spanish speaking kid from a low income family and how he got to where he is today as a famous news anchor on a major English television network that it made you feel like any goal that you set your heart on is possible if you work at it.

The vacation also did me good because it made me realize that my fears are only fears and you can’t let what scares you keep you from doing things that you enjoy. For example, I was very nervous about driving in the United States, although I know that my husband is a responsible and good driver, I was scared we might get into an accident. Where I am from, we don’t have highways with all those cars. We have a one lane road and that’s it. When, I got to the US and we were actually driving on the highways, I saw that there was nothing to be scared of and I enjoyed our road trip.

Going on vacation and coming back home always gives you something to learn whenever you travel outside of your daily surroundings – it gives you a different perspective. So, I live in a small community with about 2,000 people so “everyone” knows if you are having a bad day etc. I enjoyed being away and just being another anonymous person in the crowd. What I am trying to say, I guess, is that after suffering with psychosis the last time and being off medication now, I have learned a few things about myself to make it easier living with my illness while also living in a small community.  I’ve learned to be a lot more relaxed now and not take things personally while before I got sick I think I always used to take things to heart which helped to contribute to me getting ill. Maybe, it’s the pregnancy hormones that’s got me so relaxed or it’s the fact that I changed jobs and my environment is more relaxed. It’s like before, I was worried about what all could go wrong with Baby Janssens and now I know that he will come out just the way he is meant to be so I accept life the way it comes because there is nothing you can do to control it.

I am really enjoying this period in my life right now. I am starting to get excited about Baby Janssens’ impending arrival and setting up his nursery. I am so lucky to have supportive in-laws to help us out. My mother-in-law travelled to our Island for a week just to help us paint Baby Janssens’ nursery and it looks fabulous. My hubby is very busy at the moment with the restaurant and all that comes along with that so he wasn’t able to do it. That part of our lives has also taken me sometime to get adjusted to the change with him working nights and almost all weekends while before we both had the same working schedule. I always have a hard time dealing with changes. For example, my husband demolished a 33 year old clothing closet that was in Baby Janssens’ nursery and we didn’t discuss getting rid of it before so when I came home it was just gone. I was a little annoyed at first but I am happy that it’s gone because it looks a lot better.

There was also a little discussion about what colour the ceiling in Baby Janssens’ nursery was going to be. I came home from work and the ceiling was sanded and then I really freaked out because my husband and my mother-in-law wanted to paint the ceiling white which I was totally against doing because it was a ceiling that was previously varnished and you can see the grain of the wood which I thought did not need to be changed. I won this discussion thankfully 🙂 so my mother-in-law re-varnished the ceiling.

It’s also my favourite time of year – Christmas time. After having been sick twice around this time of year in the past 3 years, I am looking forward to spending a nice Christmas in good health so I am getting a real Christmas tree because I’ve had an artificial one for the past two years and I miss the smell of a real Christmas tree. Though, these trees can be a pain in the arse when you have to sweep up the falling needles all the time. I also look forward to eating all that good Christmas food like ham and turkey although I don’t know who’s cooking it this year, lol. I have been missing our traditional family dinners from before my paternal grandfather passed away and a special lady’s cooking, especially now that I’m pregnant. Every year my grandfather used to take out the extended family meaning my father, his sisters and their families out to eat for Christmas and I enjoyed this very much.

Okay, I think that’s it for now, folks. I’ll update you guys soon and if it’s not before Christmas, I hope everyone will enjoy their holidays together with their families and loved ones.

Peace, Angelita